How Can I Support the Page?

If you would like to support the page, you can become a Patron (I don’t post any additional content there- it’s just for those who would like to contribute on a regular basis) or make a one-time donation to this paypal. Alternatively, you can simply share my content with anyone who you think would like it! I am Canadian and do not have access to the creators fund, so very bit of help is greatly appreciated!

Due to the fact that I am a deeply in debt graduate student who loves free things, I occasionally post sponsored content or accept product-for-post arrangements. However, I promise to always be honest in my promotions and only promote products I think may be helpful, soothing, educational or otherwise beneficial for those with mental health conditions or disabilities. I will never promote any edible product/medication that claims to impact your health or wellbeing, and I highly advise you to avoid purchasing any edible product/medication with mental or physical health claims that you see advertised online. Talk to your doctor before starting any edible product with health claims.

Thank you!