Meet Carley (Carls), the ADHaDult

BSc (Hons) MSc Neuroscience, BA Psychology (Hons)
Current Counseling Psychology Student (MACP)

I will be honest, I started posting purely as a means of self-expression and silliness. However, as my account grew, I realized that this platform plus my education in neuroscience and psychology granted me a very special opportunity. Not everyone is able to understand scientific research (heck, sometimes even I can’t!), so I started sharing some of the neat things I found while reading in easy-to-understand, accessible formats. For a while, I thought I would create a professional-looking page filled with only research and education- but that’s not me. And that’s not relatable.

So I kept using my platform for creative expression and silliness. I want to show people that we don’t have to hide our silliness, or our strong emotions or exuberance in order to be successful. So much of social media is carefully curated in order to achieve maximum reach- but I want to provide some realness for people with ADHD and mental health issues to relate to. My house isn’t clean. I don’t curate cute matching outfits. I have emotional regulation issues (and, funnily enough, a new additional diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder). These are things that we don’t get to see online very often, but I hope to change that.

So this is me! Messiness and all! A little bit of science, a little bit of art, and a whole lot of yelling!

Over the last year of this channel growing, hundreds of people have reached out to me to thank me for helping them start their journey of self-awareness, some even receiving a diagnosis after showing their doctor tiktok’s of mine that they relate to. I take this as a sign that I am doing something right, and my heart is warmed with every message I receive.

My continuing goal with my page is to help people feel valid in their own brain, be less ashamed of the unique way we may live our lives, and to direct people to resources that may help them achieve their true potential.

Some things I have done outside of social media:

I have created and delivered lectures to undergraduate neuroscience students on the topic of lived experience with ADHD and mental illness, and designed and delivered workshops aimed at increasing social confidence and public speaking skills using improv. I have also delivered a lecture for the Institute for Challenging Disorganization on how to help post-secondary students with ADHD succeed.

My master’s thesis investigated the connection between depression, the gut microbiome, immune functioning and adverse childhood experiences. I am currently working as a research assistant at the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre’s Institute of Mental Health Research and as a part-time actor/creative while completing a master’s degree in counselling psychology. I aim to eventually open my own private practice as a registered psychotherapist, and hope to work with LGBTQ+ populations.

I am always looking for new projects to be a part of, especially those that combine art and mental health so if you want to collaborate, send me a message!


Any advice/information given in my videos or in my comment sections is meant to be used for general information and entertainment purposes only. Speak to a mental health professional or your doctor if you have any concerns that need addressing. Tiktok, youtube, instagram and other social media sites are great to increase your general understanding of mental health, but creators cannot provide specific advice to you based on your unique situation. Tiktok is not a substitute for therapy or medical treatment.